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ICS Skills is the exclusive training partner in Ireland of the Innovation Value Institute (IVI), creators of the IT-CMF, the new global gold standard in IT management.

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The Innovation Value Institute (IVI)
Co-founded by the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) and Intel, the IVI is the creator of the globally successful IT-CMF.

About the IT-CMF
Meet the new gold standard in IT management – an end-to-end, value-creating framework.

The four marco capabilities
How the framework subdivides the many challenges of IT management in four broad, strategic areas called macro capabilities.

The five maturity levels
Using the five-level maturity model of the IT-CMF to achieve improvements incrementally across the four macro capabilities.

IT-CMF Training
See an overview of the multi-tiered IT-CMF education model of the Innovation Value Institute (IVI).

IT-CMF Passport (1-day)
The perfect introduction to the fundamentals of IT-CMF. Successful participants are awarded an IT-CMF Affiliate Certificate.

IT-CMF Core (3-days)
Equips participants to begin implementing the IT-CMF. Successful participants are awarded an IT-CMF Associate Certificate.


Data Protection from ICS Skills

ICS Skills is a recognised centre of excellence for data protection training and consultancy. We pioneered Ireland's first Certification in Data Protection in consultation with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Data Protection

Keep your organisation's data safe, secure and compliant with ICS Skills.

Special Offers
Get significant savings on data protection courses with these special offers from ICS Skills

Classroom and
Online Training

Training and certification solutions to help raise awareness and ensure compliance.

DP Practitioner Certificate
3-day course covering the fundamental issues contained within the Data Protection Acts.

DP Essentials
1-day programme for those who handle information about clients or the general public.

DP Essentials Online
Similar to DP Essentials but delivered anywhere, anytime via online learning.

DP Customised Training
How ICS Skills can tailor its services to your specific DP requirements.


ICS Skills can help you plan a route to where you believe your organisation needs to be.

Compliance Audits
How an on-site compliance audit from ICS Skills can help you follow best practice procedures.

Crisis Management
ICS Skills can help in the unfortunate event that your organisation suffers a data loss.

Risk Assessment
ICS Skills can advise vendor selection and system functionality in a DP context.

Records Management
Expert consultancy services in data storage solutions that minimise risk exposure.


Discover how ICS Skills promotes excellence within Ireland's data protection community.

Association of Data Protection Officers
The membership organisation for those actively working as Data Protection Officers in their respective organisations.

ICS Annual Data Protection Conference
Learn more about the largest data protection event in the Irish calendar.

Data Protection Publications
ICS Skills publishes a range of articles and background documents of interest the data protection community.


IT certifications: Beginners

EqualSkills is for those with no experience whatsoever of computers and the Internet. EqualSkills helps to remove the fear of using a computer by using a simple, non-threatening approach to educating individuals in the basic skills of using a computer, email and the Internet.

Completing the EqualSkills programme enables learners to demonstrate they have a fundamental level of knowledge and skills in four areas: Computer Basics, Computer Desktop, the Web, and Email.

The EqualSkills programme takes between 8 and 15 hours of training, depending on the learner's ability. The whole programme is designed to be flexible and allows individuals to learn at their own pace.

Learners are taught using a paper-based workbook containing exercises and learning information. The workbook is also assessment document that is used to record the learner's progress.

There is no formal exam at the end of the programme, and assessment is carried out by the programme tutor on a continual basis.

Learn about EqualSkills »

IT Certifications: ECDL

Over 500,000 Irish people have participated in ECDL, the world's most successful IT skills certification programme. ECDL equips individuals with the IT skills they need to prepare for the workplace and further study.

Concepts of ICT
Gain an understanding of computer, network and security basics.

Using the Computer...
Operate effectively within the desktop interface, and manage and organise files and folders.

Word Processing
Discover how to create and format letters and short documents, work with different page sizes other settings, and insert images in a document.

Discover spreadsheet concepts and learn how to use formulas and functions for performing calculations, and how to create charts based on spreadsheet data.

Using Databases
Learn how to work with tables, queries, forms and reports, how to relate tables, and how to retrieve and manipulate database information.

Learn how to create, format, modify and prepare presentations, create templates, control fonts and background settings, and insert tables, images and charts.

Web Browsing...
Learn about networking, security, web browsing and searching, how to send and receive emails, and how to manage your email contacts.

This module is aimed at those interested in pursuing further study in fields related to the architectural, engineering and construction sectors.

Image Editing
Get the concepts and skills to create, capture and enhance images, apply a range of visual effects, prepare images for printing and publishing.

Web Editing
Gain an understanding of key HTML and CSS web publishing concepts, and learn the core skills required to design, create and maintain a website.

IT Security
Learn how to protect your workplace or home computer and its data from a range of fraudulent or malicious software and activities.

IT Certifications: ECDL Advanced

ECDL Advanced is for those who want to further enhance their skills to 'expert' level in any one or more of four areas: word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. Typically, ECDL Advanced students will have successfully completed the corresponding Module(s) at ordinary ECDL level.

Word Processing

Take word processing to the next level with advanced typographical, formatting and layouts, including tables, forms and graphics. Learn how to use tools like macros and advanced mail merge options, and manage large documents.


Discover how to create, format, analyse and share information in spreadsheets using advanced operations such as logical, statistical and mathematical functions. Gain the ability to use the analysis and audit tools, and record and run macros.


Master the operation of databases to organise, extract, view and report on information using advanced data management skills. You will also learn how the variety of ways data can be related and organised, imported, exported and linked.


Learn how to create and deliver compelling, high-impact and information-rich presentations using advanced formatting and layout techniques and multimedia effects. You will also learn how to manipulate images, drawn objects and charts.

IT Certifications: Professional

Certified Training Professional
Developed by the ECDL Foundation, CTP provides trainers and training organisations with an objective quality standard against which their own training services can be measured.

European Certification for Informatics Professionals is a professional, entry-level qualification certification and competence development scheme aimed at IT practitioners and undergraduates.

The Healthcare Informatics Training System (HITS) is a training and certification solution for all healthcare workers and was developed by ICS Skills in partnership with the Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland.

Professional Development

ICS Skills actively promotes professionalism across a diverse spectrum of IT sectors through its relationships with the Irish Computer Society, the Health Informatics Society of Ireland, and the Association of Data Protection Officers.

The Irish Computer Society
The ICS exists to advance, promote and represent the interests of ICT professionals in Ireland by providing its members with an independent representative voice, and offering resources, networks and forums for professional development.

Health Informatics Society of Ireland
Incorporating the Healthcare Informatics sections of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and of the Irish Computer Society, HISI unites computer and health care professionals, while supporting and embracing the new professionals of health care informatics.

Association of Data Protection Officers
This is the membership organisation for those actively working as Data Protection Officers in their respective organisations. Its objective is to provide clarity on issues, raise awareness of the legislation and offer members a forum where these topics can be discussed.

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