ICS Data Protection Records Management


With the rapid growth in data storage solutions, many organisations no longer see data retention as a high-cost item. They therefore retain manual and electronic records indefinitely.

But with this comes increased exposure to the risk of data loss, unauthorised access, and ultimately, reputational damage.

ICS Skills offers consultancy services in this important area of records management, including:

  • Records Management Audit: This on-site audit results in a detailed report outlining whether your organisation's records management policies and practices meet regulatory and legislative obligations. The report provides a detailed project plan to remedy any issues discovered.
  • Electronic Document and Records Management System: Our consultancy service provides a guide by which organisations can select and manage their Electronic Document and Records storage solution.
  • Reduction of off-site storage costs: This service aims to enable organisations to analyse current cost and service offerings as well as offering support with vendor selection for records management procurement solutions.

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