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  • New modules for ECDL and more in development
  • Flexible methods of study
  • 100% web-based centre administration and learner management system
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reason #1

Increase productivity

Digitally literate employees add real value to an organisation. Use ECDL to achieve specific goals and objectives, increase overall efficiency and productivity and significantly enhance internal and external communication within an organisation.


reason #2

Verify employees’ skills

Certification provides objective verification of employees’ skills and demonstrates their competency to a recognised standard. Certification defines the set of skills that employees need to be effective, provides a means to assess workforce skills and build a training plan and acts as motivation for employees to complete the training. ECDL offers a clear measure and generates a positive return on investment.


reason #3

More flexibility

We've done more than added new modules to ECDL.

There are also more pathways for individuals to record their learning progress, and to gain new levels of ECDL certification that reflect their professional interests.

Greater flexibility means learners can combine the 'core' modules with a fast-growing and relevant range of other modules to move forward in their career and life.


reason #4

More choices

Technology has changed, the way we work has changed and so should our skills. ECDL includes modules that are relevant to employees in every organisation such as Online Collaboration, IT Security and Project Management.


reason #5

100% web-based. 0% paperwork.

Using a secure, web-based administration system Centres can now manage every aspect of their learner’s progress through ECDL.

This includes enrolment, online learning, practice testing and final certification testing.


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