Need to learn computer and Internet skills to get that job? Move ahead in your career? Return to education? Or maybe start that little business you have always dreamt of?

Whatever your goal in work, education or life, ECDL can help you get here.

  • ECDL is the certification most widely recognised and highly valued by Irish employers
  • ECDL equips you with practical computer and Internet skills.
  • ECDL offers you a wide range of subject modules.
  • ECDL offers flexible study options, including online learning.
  • ECDL is available at 800+ locations throughout Ireland.


reason #1

Employers ECDL

Almost every job in today's world requires computer skills. And most employers who look for basic IT skills among job applicants look for ECDL.

Being able to say 'Yes, I have my ECDL' boosts your chances of securing that new job – and of moving ahead in your current one.


reason #2

You will learn practical skills

ECDL won't turn you into a rocket scientist. But you will learn how to find your way around the files and folders on a PC.

You will also discover how to write and edit documents, work with numbers in spreadsheets and databases, and use basic graphics and images.

And, of course, you'll learn how to use email and the Internet for communication and information-gathering.


reason #3

Spoilt for choice

ECDL offers of a wide range of subject areas called Modules. So there is something for everybody – whatever your particular focus or career ambition.

ECDL Modules cover all the common tasks required to work and succeed in today's business world.

You can take individual Modules at your own pace, and earn an ECDL Certificate as you complete each one.


reason #4

Learning that suits your lifestyle

Maybe you're ready to commit to a full-time ECDL course over a number of months. Or perhaps part-time study is your only practical option?

ECDL offers a variety of learning pathways to suit every life situation.

And as ECDL training and test preparation is now also available online, you learn anytime, anywhere.


reason #5

Study nearby – to go far

Your nearest ECDL Centre is probably a lot closer than you think.

ECDL training and certification services are offered at over 800 locations across Ireland, including private training centres, FÁS centres, community training organisations, and schools and colleges.


Your next step could be right on your doorstep.

Find your local ECDL Centre here »