We're keeping pace with the needs of learners who want the skills necessary to move forward in their career and life.

Take this short tour to discover what's new and why you should come back to ECDL.

  • New modules for ECDL and more in development
  • More flexible pathways to learner certification
  • 100% web-based centre administration and learner management system
  • Centre Support – we're here to help when you need us


reason #1

More choices

IT Security and Project Management – these are just two of the new modules now added to the ECDL range of certifications. Many more are in development.

We're 100% committed to ensuring the ECDL certification stays relevant to the needs of learners in today's fast-changing world.


reason #2

More flexibility

We've done more than added new modules to ECDL.

There are also more pathways for individuals to record their learning progress, and to gain new levels of ECDL certification that reflect their professional interests.

Greater flexibility means learners can combine the 'core' modules with a fast-growing and relevant range of other modules to move forward in their career and life.


reason #3

More support

We're here whenever you need us. Our Support Team is dedicated to providing an unrivalled level of customer service to our ECDL Centres throughout Ireland.

Our expert, friendly team has a wealth of experience working with Centre managers and trainers, so you know you'll be dealing with someone who really understands whatever question or query you may have.

  • Expert and friendly ECDL Support Team, available online or by phone during normal business hours.
  • 24 x 7 online helpdesk system to help you track the progress and resolution of your support queries.
  • Free online tutorials for your ECDL Centre staff covering every aspect of our web-based administration system.


reason #4

100% web-based. 0% paperwork.

Using a secure, web-based administration system Centres can now manage every aspect of their learner's progress through ECDL.

This includes enrolment, online learning, practice testing and final certification testing.


reason #5

Online shop for all your needs

Everything a Centre needs for its operation are all available through our online ICS Skills shop.

From our online shop you can use your ECDL Centre's account to purchase ECDL practice and certification tests, online training materials and printed books – with a few clicks and zero paperwork.