ECDL Advanced Presentation

Learn how to create and deliver compelling, high-impact and information-rich presentations using advanced formatting and layout techniques and multimedia effects. You will also learn how to manipulate images, drawn objects and charts.

Completing ECDL Advanced Presentations enables learners to demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Merge slides and complete presentations, and merge a word-processed outline into a presentation.
  • Create, import, position, stack, group and ungroup images and other slide objects.
  • Apply semi-transparent, shadow, fill and 3D effects to images and other slide objects.
  • Resize, crop, rescale, rotate and convert images and other slide objects.
  • Work with and manipulate a variety of chart types including flowcharts.
  • Insert and manipulate animations and videos.
  • Link data from documents and spreadsheets, and modify linked data.
  • Loop presentations, and work with presentation macros.

As a result of completing this ECDL Advanced Module, learners :

  • Become more confident, efficient and effective in using a presentation application.
  • Can understand the key principles of planning and designing presentations.
  • Can plan and design more effective presentations that have greater impact.
  • Gain the skills to customise layouts, and manipulate images, drawn objects, charts and multimedia elements.
  • Are able to use presentation macros, and to link slide data to other applications.

All ECDL certification testing is performed using the ICS Skills Automated Testing System (ATS). The ATS combines the best of all worlds: authentic candidate experience, cost-effective testing, streamlined processes, consistent scoring, and simplified, paper-free candidate management.

  • Web-based: All tests are performed online over the web, so there is no software for test administrators to install or maintain.
  • Real applications: Test candidates work with actual applications (such as MS Word or Excel) – and not simulated screens. In-application testing ensures candidates have the most authentic test experience.
  • Zero paperwork: Because both candidate testing and candidate administration are entirely online, there are no paper records to store, and candidates receive immediate feedback on their results.
  • Secure storage: The ICS Skills ATS gathers and keeps safe all results and candidate, class and module reports. This central storage of data and minimal handling reduces security and privacy risks.

In addition to ECDL certification tests, the ICS Skills ATS provides a full suite of diagnostic tests. These can be used for pre-training and pre-testing assessments to help identify individual knowledge gaps and training needs.

Information Sheet

Click the link below to view or download an Information Sheet for this Advanced Module in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Information Sheet

Official Syllabus

Click the links below to view or download the official ECDL Foundation Syllabus for this Advanced Module in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Adv Presentation Syllabus 2.0

Sample Tests

The ECDL Foundation provides a selection of sample tests as an aid to test preparation. Each version of the sample test below contains the relevant test materials compressed into a single ZIP file:

MS Windows XP

MS Vista 2007

MS Windows 7 2010



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