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Build your ECDL profile that’s proof of the skill level you’re at by combining New ECDL modules in a way that suits you.

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Get certified for the skills you acquire. Successfully complete just one ECDL module or a combination of modules that suits you to be eligible for a Profile certificate.

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Technology has changed – so should your skills.

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Design an ECDL Profile to suit your needs.

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There’s never been a greater range of modules to choose from.

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There’s no time limit – an ECDL Profile is for life.

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Join the 13 million people worldwide who have chosen ECDL.


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ECDL Modules

ECDL's wide range of Modules offers something for everybody – whatever their particular aptitude, talent or career ambition.

ECDL Advanced

A set of four Modules for those who want to further enhance their skills to 'expert' level.

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