The Health Informatics Training System (HITS) is a response to the needs of healthcare employees who require a clear understanding of the technologies used in this sector and their contribution to administrative and clinical best practice.

HITS features eight educational modules, each approximately an hour in length, which are delivered in a self-paced, online format. There are no prerequisites to take the HITS course and learners have access to the course for 12 months and earn a certificate upon completion.

UNIT 1: IT Basics in Healthcare

Module 1: Computer Hardware and Software in Healthcare

Module 2: Networks and Health Informatics

UNIT 2: Information Management in Healthcare

Module 3: Understanding Data, Information and Knowledge

Module 4: Protecting Information - Security, Privacy and Confidentiality

Module 5: Electronic Record Keeping in Healthcare

UNIT 3: IT Systems in Healthcare

Module 6: Administrative Information Systems

Module 7: Clinical Information Systems

Module 8: Decision Support Systems

HITS Level 1 is targeted at all healthcare workers who require a basic understanding of their role of technology in the healthcare sector. The Level 1 syllabus outlines the hardware and technologies used in a healthcare environment, and covers topics ranging from data processing and electronic record keeping, to decision support systems and security.

  • Entry-level certification in Health Informatics
  • Twenty hours duration
  • Online course content, quizzes and sample tests
  • Single online test in supervised test environment
  • Online administration
  • HITS certification is awarded by ICS Skills.

Certification in HITS is performed using the ICS Skills Automated Testing System (ATS). The ATS combines the best of all worlds: authentic candidate experience, cost-effective testing, streamlined processes, consistent scoring, and simplified, paper-free candidate management.

  • Web-based: All tests are performed online over the web, so there is no software for test administrators to install or maintain.
  • Zero paperwork: Because both candidate testing and candidate administration are entirely online, there are no paper records to store, and candidates receive immediate feedback on their results.
  • Secure storage: The ICS Skills ATS gathers and keeps safe all results and candidate, class and module reports. This central storage of data and minimal handling reduces security and privacy risks.

There is one 45-minute, 40-question online test for achieving certification in HITS.

In addition to the HITS certification test, the ICS Skills ATS provides a full suite of diagnostic tests. These can be used for pre-training and pre-testing assessments to help identify individual knowledge gaps and training needs.

Information Sheet

Click the link below to view or download an Information Sheet for HITS from ICS Skills in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

HITS Brochure

Progression from HITS

An Bord Altranais, the regulatory body for the nursing profession in Ireland, has awarded HITS category 1 approval.

The Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy (IIRRT) offers CPD points for Radiographers and Radiation Therapists who undertake the HITS course.

Radiographers and Radiation Therapists play a critical role in delivering professional services. Within Ireland the IIRRT is the professional body that helps clinical departments and their staff develop roles and services in areas of current and future importance. Related to this, IIRRT are concerned with the development of professional standards which are essential in maintaining and also improving standards of care and management of patients.

HITS has been reviewed by the IIRRT CPD committee and was deemed to be worth 10 CPD points. The IIRRT can also issue CPD certificates for Radiographers and Radiographers who undertake the course.




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HITS Centres

ICS Skills is currently in the process of accrediting HITS learning providers in Ireland who will test their own candidates. They range from third level colleges and independent training companies to on-site training departments in organisations.

Apply here to offer HITS at your organisation.