Come and join what 30,000+ IT architects worldwide are now sharing

So, you are an IT architect?

What does this mean? How do you define yourself? And how can your progress forward in your profession to build ever more efficient and sustainable systems?

The International Association of Software Architects (Iasa) is the global community of 30,000+ professionals across 35 countries.

Iasa Ireland, working in partnership with the Irish Computer Society, is your opportunity to connect and network with IT architects, both locally and globally.

And completing our foundation-level Iasa Core Certification demonstrates that you are taking the steps necessary to move forward in your profession.

The Five Pillars of Architecture

Iasa has worked with more than 7,000 architects from around the world to create a common definition and understanding of IT Architecture. The result is the so-called 'Five Pillars of Architecture'.

  • Business Technology Strategy
  • Human Dynamics
  • Quality Attributes
  • IT Environment
  • Design

Check out this video on Iasa's Five Pillars of Architecture by Jim Wilt of Microsoft.


The IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK)

The IT Architect Body of Knowledge or ITABoK is a collection of architectural standards and best practices that have been designed and complied by thousands of practising architects from a variety of industries, geographies and specialisations.

Membership of Iasa Ireland includes online access to the ITAbok.


IT Architecture Career Path

The Iasa Career Path serves as the primary source for understanding how an architect advances through their career. By establishing a technical ladder for architects, an organisation resolves to lay the foundation for more successful IT maintenance and projects.

Beginning with the foundation-level Iasa Core Certification Iasa's educational resources ensure that architects have the skills and capabilities needed to grow professionally.

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