IT-CMF: the four macro capabilities

The IT-CMF framework helps CIOs respond to the challenges of today's fast-changing environment by supporting in achieving incremental improvements in IT management into four broad, strategic areas called macro capabilities.

Firstly and fundamentally, IT-CMF is about managing IT like a business. Like any business IT has customers, products, services – and it needs to return business value on investments made in new and ongoing systems.

Arising from this business-like strategy is the need to manage the IT budget so that projects and ongoing operations are properly funded and financed in accordance with the organisation's overall strategies and objectives.

Budgeting fuels the mission of IT – that is, to manage the IT capability of the organisation by managing IT-related assets such as infrastructure, people, relationships, and knowledge.

All IT assets are part of a value chain that needs to be maximised for the organisation's benefit. Examples of infrastructure assets would be networks, storage systems, shared processors, personal workstations and software systems.

These four integrated IT management strategies underpin value-oriented IT management.

ICS Skills and the IT-CMF

ICS Skills is the exclusive education partner for IT-CMF in Ireland and currently offers the following courses:

IT-CMF Passport (1-day)

This Tier-1 level course is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of IT-CMF – its terminology, its basic concepts and its core principles. Successful participants are awarded an IT-CMF Affiliate Certificate.

Learn more about IT-CMF Passport

IT-CMF Core (3-day)

This Tier-2 level course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to begin implementing the IT-CMF. Successful participants are awarded an IT-CMF Associate Certificate.

Learn more about IT-CMF Core

Both IT-CMF courses are instructor-led with clear presentation, focused demonstration, examples, activities, exercises and workshops to reinforce learning in a facilitated peer-based environment.

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