IT-CMF Core Training (3-days)

This three-day course provides an in-depth introduction to IT-CMF and equips participants to begin implementing the framework within their own organisation.

The course develops core IT-CMF concepts, covers the macro capabilities, details a number of critical processes and their clusters, and concludes with a focused assessment.

After completing the course I have gained a valuable insight to the IT-CMF process. I'm confident that the framework will leverage consistent plan to assess our organisation's IT maturity on an on-going basis.

Senior IT Manager, Dublin

Download the IT-CMF Education Brochure (Adobe PDF format)

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The IT-CMF Core course is focused on delivering a core understanding of IT-CMF so that participants can translate the knowledge they have gained into real-world application.

At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Describe the structure of the framework
  • Explain how the framework can be used to resolve an organisation's IT issues
  • Describe the types and applications of IT-CMF assessments
  • Describe the IT-CMF assessment process
  • Interpret IT-CMF assessment results
  • Understand and navigate the components of IT-CMF critical processes
  • Understand how IT-CMF critical processes can be used to improve the business value of IT
  • Apply knowledge of selected IT-CMF critical processes to increase IT capability maturity
  • Contribute as a team member to a CP level or cluster assessment.

IT-CMF certification is an ideal way for an IT professional to validate their knowledge and comprehension of the framework. Earning an IT-CMF certification provides a clear demonstration of the skills and knowledge required to participate in an organisation's IT-CMF related project or activity (such as assessments).

The IT-CMF Core and other certification exams are designed to test the knowledge and skills central to understanding and leveraging the IT-CMF framework.

Aligned with IVI's five-tier educational model, IT-CMF Certification enables IT professionals to build upon their prior knowledge, skills, and professional experience, and progress to more advanced qualifications in the framework.

The course and its certification will be of interest and of benefit to:

  • Individuals who require a deeper understanding of IT-CMF
  • IT managers who wish to introduce IT-CMF into an organisation
  • IT managers and professionals working in an organisation where IT-CMF is being adopted, and who need to participate in its related projects and initiatives
  • Professionals working in or responsible for IT management: its strategy, planning, development, delivery, operation and execution
  • IT managers who will be responsible for enhancing IT business value in organisations
  • IT managers and professionals who want to attain a recognised qualification to demonstrate their detailed knowledge of IT-CMF.

On completion of the course participants sit a test that validates their IT-CMF knowledge and comprehension – and demonstrates they have the skills to apply IT-CMF in an organisation.

A few details about the IT-CMF Core test:

  • The test lasts 60 minutes
  • It consists of 40 questions of various types – multiple-choice, true/false, drag-and-drop and fill-in-the-blank
  • The pass score is 65%
  • The test must be taken at an accredited ICS Skills Test Centre

Participants who successfully complete the IT-CMF Core exam are awarded an IT-CMF Associate Certificate.

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