The IT-CMF Education Model

IT-CMF education is based on a graduated, five-tier approach. Each tier of the training model builds on the knowledge and skills acquired at a lower tier and earlier stage of education.

Professional education courses in IT-CMF are developed by the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) in order to:

  • Help organisations to adopt the IT-CMF and
  • Enable individuals to achieve certification as IT-CMF practitioners.

The acquisition of IT-CMF knowledge:

  • Begins with simple information transfer
  • Progresses through to training activities that include authentic tasks to support skills-building and capability enablement
  • And then focuses on the application of acquired skills and knowledge in real-world situations.

ICS Skills and the IT-CMF

ICS Skills is the exclusive education partner for IT-CMF in Ireland and currently offers the following courses:

IT-CMF Passport (1-day)

This Tier-1 level course is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of IT-CMF.

Participants who successfully complete the end-of-course exam that validates their knowledge of IT-CMF core concepts and principles are awarded an IT-CMF Affiliate Certificate.

Learn more about IT-CMF Passport

IT-CMF Core (3-day)

This Tier-2 level course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to begin implementing the IT-CMF.

Participants who successfully complete the end-of-course exam that demonstrates their ability to apply IT-CMF in an organisation are awarded an IT-CMF Associate Certificate.

Learn more about IT-CMF Core

Both IT-CMF courses are instructor-led with clear presentation, focused demonstration, examples, activities, exercises and workshops to reinforce learning in a facilitated peer-based environment.

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