IT-CMF: meeting the needs of IT and business management

The IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) is for CIOs who need to step into the role of business partners and deliver agile IT strategies to maintain their organisation's competitiveness.

IT-CMF is a unique end-to-end framework that:

  • Maps IT organisations onto a capability maturity curve based on empirically derived industry best practice across 33 different capabilities within IT management
  • Provides practices, outcomes and metrics to improve capability maturity and therefore consistency of output
  • Enables organisations assess and benchmark performance over time
  • Enables creation of roadmaps with actionable measures to improve maturity with best practice guidelines
  • Provides capability accelerators and building blocks for improvement

How will my organisation benefit from IT-CMF?

IT-CMF has been used by a variety of global organisations to solve a range of capability issues.

  • IT capability measurement and improvement
    Determine current capability through assessment, and plan to improve.
  • IT organisational design and capability management
    Design the roles and responsibilities of IT management based on critical capability distribution.
  • IT business alignment and leadership
    Better alignment and understanding between business and IT needs, improving leadership, governance, accountability and transparency.
  • Organisation benchmarking and best practice
    Structure comparative qualitative and quantitative
    benchmarking with similar businesses.
  • IT risk management
    Clustered and 'deep dive' capability assessments to evaluate maturity and to target appropriate best practice.
  • Cloud computing (including services innovation and outsourcing)
    Cluster the critical capabilities as appropriate to the
    organisation's priorities and areas for improvement.

Whatever the priority issue, the IT-CMF enables assessment of current IT capability gaps and helps to define a roadmap to achieve improved capability maturity with the KPI's and processes to track progress.

What industry leaders are saying about IT-CMF...

I can't emphasise enough the value of the IT-CMF and how it can enable an IT organisation to have intelligent, data-driven discussions with leadership and help solidify future plans.

Louie Ehrlich, CIO, Chevron

We really have to move ourselves from people-managed to process-managed, and that requires a framework approach, and IT-CMF is a comprehensive one.

Peter Forte, CIO, Analog Devices Inc

Using IT-CMF helped guide us to a 25% improvement in IT effectiveness, while at the same time reducing spend by 10%. In addition, a recent IT-CMF assessment has demonstrated a 19% improvement in Enterprise Architecture Management in just one year - allowing IT solutions to better meet the needs of Intel's business.

Gregg Wyant, IT CTO, Intel

(IT-CMF is) a key measure to track how we do over time... Training and certifying our people in an architecture framework significantly has improved the quality and consistency of our work.

Vincenzo Marchese, Group Enterprise Architect, BP

IT-CMF helps deal with pressure put on key IT processes and mechanisms by consumerisation of IT.

John Ellenberger, Director of Research, SAP AG

ICS Skills and the IT-CMF

ICS Skills is the exclusive education partner for IT-CMF in Ireland and currently offers the following courses:

IT-CMF Passport (1-day)

This Tier-1 level course is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of IT-CMF – its terminology, its basic concepts and its core principles. Successful participants are awarded an IT-CMF Affiliate Certificate.

Learn more about IT-CMF Passport

IT-CMF Core (3-day)

This Tier-2 level course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to begin implementing the IT-CMF. Successful participants are awarded an IT-CMF Associate Certificate.

Learn more about IT-CMF Core

Both IT-CMF courses are instructor-led with clear presentation, focused demonstration, examples, activities, exercises and workshops to reinforce learning in a facilitated peer-based environment.

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